Naik Yadu Nath Singh PVC

Yadunath Singh born:  21 Nov 1916 – martyrdom: 06 Feb 1948 was an Indian soldier honored with PVC. He received this honor posthumously in 1948.

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  • Introduction
  • Enrollement in Army
  • Last Time


Nayak Yadunath Singh was born on 21 Nov 1916  in Khajuri village of Shahjahanpur UP. His father Birbal Singh was a farmer. Yadunath was one of the 8 sons of his father. His studies started in the village school . He had tremendous interest in sports. He used to be present to help everyone in the village. And he was fond of risky adventures. Yadunath had a sense of patriotism since childhood.

Enrollement in Army

On 21 Nov 1941, Yadunath Singh got enrolled in Army in the age of 26 years old in the Rajput Regiment. on 06 Jan 1948 he was leading his Section at Tandhar and was determined not to let the enemy reach Naushera. On that day, Naik Yadunath Singh was standing in the front with a Section of only 9 people when the enemy attacked. Yadunath was the leader of his Section. He prepared the gathering of his troop in such a way that the attackers had to retreat after being defeated.

Indo-Pak War (1947)

After being defeated once, the enemy again took courage and attacked more quickly than before. In this attack, four soldiers of Yadunath were badly injured. But Yadunath’s courage was high. The enemy was furious, the success of Indian forces on different fronts had troubled the Pakistani soldiers. Now it seems that Naushera will be the next target of the enemy. Brigadier Usman wanted to make all possible preparations for that. At the northern end of Naushera was the hill station on which the enemy had gathered. For the protection of Naushera it was necessary to capture Kot. On 01 Feb 1948 50 Para Brigade attacked at night and strengthened its hold on Naushera. In this battle, the enemy had to suffer a huge loss of life and ammunition and the Pakistani army retreated after being defeated.

Last Time

06 Feb 1948 The attack of Pakistani forces was the result of this fury. He was repeatedly attacking. Four soldiers of Yadunath Singh were injured while countering these attacks. Yadunath Singh’s morale was still high. Then there was a third attack from the enemy side. This time the count of the enemy’s army was considerable and they were also more enthusiastic. Yadunath had no soldiers left to fight, All were injured. In the situation, Naik Yadunath Singh quickly took a gun and came out, and enemy had to retreat. Brigadier Usman Singh sent a detachment of 3 Para Rajput towards Tandhar. Yadunath Singh had to hold on till his arrival. Then suddenly a sensational bullet came to Yadunath Singh’s head. He fell in the battlefield and asleep forever.

This martyrdom of his inspired enthusiasm among his wounded soldiers and they stood up. By then, a contingent of 3 Para Rajput had also reached there. The enemy failed at Naushera, but Naik Yadunath Singh attained Veergati and was posthumously awarded the Paramveer Chakra.

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