Pride and Humility | Thriving in Babylon Sermon Series

Read Daniel 2:14-16

Point 2 – Be prepared to act. (Surrender, Pray, Respond)

It’s easy to think that when we need to act we need to do something right this second. The better option most times is to take a pause and evaluate the problem, ask God to help you come to a solution and then implement what you’ve been preparing to do all along. At all times it’s most important to remember that we, as Christ followers, are God’s ambassadors here on earth. We represent Him in our words and deeds. We need to speak to others in such a way that we reflect His heart for them, even when we appear to be in a lose/lose situation.

Daniel knew that losing his temper in the situation he found himself, or acting like Chicken Little and panicking, would not bring about the result he and his friends wanted, which was to stay alive. He took the time to get to the bottom of the problem he was facing, he had already built the relational equity to make a respectful request of the king, and then he took everything to God and laid it all out at His feet.

Daniel knew that there was no human who could solve this problem. He surrendered everything to God and then he prayed expecting God to do something only He could do in a way that only He could do it. He also got each of his friends to petition God with him after explaining the problem. He wasn’t about to do this alone.

After God was gracious enough to answer the prayers of Daniel and his friends Daniel made sure to respond with gratitude. So often we’re quick to ask God for help, or to solve a problem, yet we forget to give thanks afterwards. This was a great example for Daniel to set both for his friends, but also for the king and the other leaders of Babylon. Daniel made a request of his God and his God answered and Daniel made sure to thank him. God loves when we recognize the answered prayers in our lives.

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you define the term “surrender?” How does Daniel model a life of surrender while in Babylon? What is the last thing God asked you to surrender to Him?
  2. How are you building relational equity in your work relationships, in your family relationships, with friends, especially with people who don’t yet know Christ? How can you do this more?
  3. What do your gratitude prayers look like when God answers prayers in your life? How have you found this practice builds your faith?

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