It really is a sad day when personal issues are brought into politics, but naming and shaming seems to be what we do in today’s world.

I absolutely agree Kiri Allan made some bad choices in the last twenty-four hours, but what I saw yesterday is nothing short of a disgrace, kicking someone when they are obviously at the lowest point in their life.

Yes, I have written about politicians, ministers and political parties because of their underperforming or my opposition to their policies or government department, but I have never personally ridiculed them as a person and never will.

I have seen comments all over social media from keyboard warriors who just attack when a person is at their lowest.

I ask you all, what is this going to achieve? I say nothing but drive the target to despair and increase media website/social media viewing.

Yes, I hear a lot of you saying, “she is a public figure and should be held to account”, and I agree but a public crucifixion is simply showing the world that we are a nation of judgmental idiots that have a lot of free time.

Kiri, I wish you well in your journey and thank you for what you have done for Aotearoa, knowing that you will rise again and achieve what you are so capable of achieving.

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