Health NZ gives St John scolding after it let National MP Dr Shane Reti tag along on night shifts, enter facilities

Newshub can reveal St John is drawing up a new agreement with Health New Zealand after it let a National MP tag along in night-time emergencies for three months.

The ambulance service has had a telling-off for allowing Dr Shane Reti into hospitals without its permission.

I always thought it was creepy that Shane Reti was allowed to gawk at the most personal and traumatised moments of an emergency.

What if he turned up at your medical emergency?

Do you really agree to be political fodder to the Opposition spokesperson?

It’s ghoulish and intrusive and all to make political point scoring.

National have pledged to slash public services while pointing at how broken our underfunded public services are!

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It’s sophistry of the highest order to pledge slashing public services and then riding along to those undefunded services to denounce them!



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