Kiri Allan and the mutilation of her political corpse by the Right dominated the political headlines, but the true bombshell was David Parker standing down.

David is the last great hope for the Egalitarian Left. He is the smartest guy in the room, with the legal, economic and accounting background to do the heavy policy lifting to match the oratory and political left values.

There are very few Labour Ministers who can marry the rhetoric with the legislation and he is essential if we on the Left want to see structural change to the neoliberal economic hegemony.

He has the best relationship with Winston and he has more in common with the Green and Māori Party Tax Policy than the current Labour tax policy (whatever that is).

Chippy made a Captain’s Call to ban a wealth tax that would properly fund our social infrastructure from Lithuania while under pressure, a combined front with David Parker, Chloe and the Māori Party Tax Policy will force a change on that Captain’s Call.

There is revolution in the air this election and Captain’s Calls will mean little.


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