Up against Chippy’s Captain’s Call of no wealth tax is now David Parker, Grant Robertson, Chloe Swarbrick and the incredible Māori Party Tax Policy.

The political project of the Right is to starve the State of revenue so that it can’t be redistributed in the first place, the challenge for the Left is to Rame change through before the self serving Public Service and Professional Material Class Consultants fuck it up!

The real power struggle in NZ isn’t Left vs Right, it’s between the Professional Managerial Class Consultants vs a self serving Public Service!

The Professional Managerial Class Consultants push to ensure corporate interests like their profit margins and dominant market share are always protected and woven into any watered down regulation while the self serving Public Service fight for more money to fund their latest glass palace.

To bypass these two forces, the Left must ram their policy through in the first 100 days and because Labour are so weak and captured, they must be forced to pass progressive legislation and that’s why John Tamihere forcing those changes through in the negotiations is our only collective hope (because we all know how weak the Greens are on this front).

David Parker, Grant Robertson, Chloe Swabrick and the Māori Party Tax policy all walk into a bar and what happens next ain’t no joke!

If we have any hope of taking the tax yoke off workers and onto the corporates and the billionaire class it will be with a Labour/Green Minority Government with Supply and Confidence from the Māori Party.

Now the Māori Party have released such an enormous Tax Policy, watch the right go into a feeding frenzy panic to destroy this as they realise their party may finally be over.

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Consider how undertaxed we really are and at how successful the neoliberal agenda has been in allowing the mega wealthy to get away with a rigged casino.

There are 38 OECD countries.

NZ is the only country without a CGT.

NZ is one of 13 without an estate or inheritance tax.

NZ is one of 3 without a different tax rate for food.

NZ ranks sixth for net wealth.

NZ tax take, spending and debt are below the OECD average.

The message is clear.

Tax. The. Rich.

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