It’s going to be a Splintered MMP spectrum election:

Roy Morgan poll for July:

National: 33.5 (3.5+)

Labour: 26 (4.5-)

Act: 14 (1-)

Greens: 9 (0.5-)

Maori: 6 (1-)

NZ First: 5 (2+)

TDB Recommends

TOP: 4 (1+)

Labour are in free fall and total meltdown. Their tepid incremental meaningless bullshit and political cowardice has seen voters turn in disgust to other political options.

Right now, all Labour are impotently promising is GST off fresh fruit and vegetables, instead of utilising this leak and leveraging it politically,  they will just insipidly roll it out rather than surprise the Electorate by taking GST off ALL food, this after the disappointment of the Wealth Tax.

Labour have no policy and are as weak as the Greens. Political cowardice is never rewarded and until Labour grows a spine and makes an actual stand they will continue to slide.

This means we will see a splintered MMP Spectrum Election where neither main Party is in the 40s and where the Māori Party and NZ First cross 5% and TOP wins Ilam and also brings in MPs off the coat tails.

Labour either stand for something or they hang for everything.

The mood of the Nation is deeply depressed at the lack of real progress on the issues that actually matter, which is the cost of living crisis…

…60% now believe NZ is moving in the wrong direction and are throwing their votes around at anything that promises to be a solution.

Labour either grows a spine, takes GST off all food or they hand this election over to the hard Right.


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