ACT would end winter energy payment money go round

“The Winter Energy Payment needs to be targeted to those who really need it, New Zealand can’t afford to be spending half a billion dollars on a winter energy payment that goes to millionaires and beneficiaries alike,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

There aren’t many political parties who promise more winter and death by freezing and get away with it.

The political project of the Right is to constantly starve universal services of funding and then blame the shitty underfunded service and demand it gets cut back even further.

Look at KiwiRail, TVNZ, Public health, Public Education, State Housing etc etc etc.

It’s this game of saying, ‘these people don’t deserve that extra support, let’s cut it back to just the deserving and then work endlessly at narrowing that definition’.

The whole drive is to amputate state revenue so it can’t be redistributed in the first place and then endlessly underfund that service.

Don’t be stupid, don’t get tricked by the self serving logic of ACT, tax the rich and vote Left!

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