The Labour Party has just voted down Green MP Eugenie Sage’s Bill which would have protected all conservation land in New Zealand from mining.

Now, voters wanting to see the ban realised in conservation land throughout the Coromandel Electorate have just one option this election, a party vote for the Green Party.

“Labour would not even support the Bill going to a Select Committee. That would have enabled the discussion to go wider by giving all Kiwis an opportunity to have their say through due process,” says Pamela Grealey, candidate for Coromandel.

“This is a slap in the face and has dealt a harsh blow to countless locals in the Coromandel Electorate who’ve struggled since the early 1990’s to protect our forests and coastlines from gold miners”.

“The Labour Party has completely lost its way on conservation. They have abandoned their pledges to ban mining in conservation land made in their 2014 and 2017 election manifestos,” says Grealey.

“Now voters have only one clear choice to advance this 40-year-long campaign to protect nature. That’s by giving their party vote to the Greens and electing more Green MPs into Parliament in October. “

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