Sadly, a quick assessment of the media will tell you that online crime is prevalent in the modern environment. As society moves further and further online, cyber criminals are finding new and improved methods of attack. Alarmingly, they’re managing to get away with it more and more, too. 

Cybercrime is any crime that takes place online or primarily online. Online criminals generally target personal devices and computer networks in order to gain full access and take everything. From the personal information that means so much to us all, to infecting the devices we all cherish so much with harmful malware, online criminals can carry out a range of attacks that can cause huge damage. Thankfully, though, they aren’t unstoppable. 

With numerous precautions we can all take to add an additional layer of security to our online adventures, let’s assess some of the most common ways you can fight back against cyber criminality in 2023. 

Consider using a full-service internet security suite

A sure-fire way of making a hackers’ job a lot harder is by using a full-service internet security suite. For instance, popular and trusted options like Norton Security offer real-time protection against almost every online crime around. Offering unrivalled protection, these types of full-service security suites are tried and tested by millions and are capable of putting your mind at ease as you surf the web without any fear of being compromised. 



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Always have strong passwords 

It’s an obvious solution really, but not everyone necessarily does it properly. Yes, we’re talking about coming up with strong passwords for all of your accounts. While creating a memorable password means that you’ll never forget it, it can also leave you open to attack. Also, if you’re using the same password on multiple websites and accounts, then you’re particularly susceptible to cybercrime. To combat this, create hard-to-crack passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols included. Failing that, a password manager is a fantastic option as it will do the hard work for you and enable you to secure your accounts without any fuss. 


Choose legitimate sites for gaming 

One of the most common ways people can have their accounts compromised is through gaming. Many people download apps or explore gaming products on their PC without much protection. As such, cybercriminals can find a way in and execute their frankly horrific plans. In order to guard against this, only play games in safe and secure locations. For example, Kingdoms Rise at an online casino, plus a range of other casino games, such as blackjack and poker, are extremely popular and very secure in 2023. Online casino sites offer high-end encryption that keeps the online criminals firmly at bay. Of course, you can also play games via a console and a PC machine, but always make sure all of your software is up to date and don’t click any potentially harmful links. 


Strengthen your security on Wi-Fi 

Whether it’s through a strong password or the use of a virtual private network (VPN), it’s important to make sure you’re surfing the web with strong security behind you. For many people, a VPN is the perfect solution as it’s a hacker’s nightmare. A VPN essentially allows you to encrypt all traffic leaving your devices until it arrives at its destination, therefore adding a solid barrier between you and an online criminal. If you’re regularly using public Wi-Fi, a VPN is a necessity. 


Also consider keeping up to date with the latest methods of attack, always keeping your devices updated, never clicking on any unknown links or downloads, and managing your social media settings. 

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