The Rainbow Parakeet and her Woke Emerald Stormtroopers

Here we go.

Ever since the 2022 GreenParty rule changes that allowed the more crazy woke informal factions to gain voting rights, the woke clique inside the Greens have played games to maximise their identity candidates.

We saw this with Dr Kerekere being rewarded such a high listing in the first round of candidate list rankings.

Kerekere accidentally messaged co-conspirators in the now infamous crybaby message and the whole ruse was outed and we’ve seen the factions fighting ever since.

The GreenLeft Network wouldn’t understand the words ‘Green’, ‘Left’ or ‘Network’. These are the same amateurs who were breadcrumbed into a minefield and tricked by Matthew Hooton into launching a coup against James Shaw with no actual candidate lined up to replace him!

These are checkers players playing chess and failing.

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Marama and James have been failures at leadership and their combined weakness is why the new uber woke clique believe they can challenge them for the leadership.

Sources claim it is Kerekere who has been dragging the investigation with stalling tactics so she can stall this all the way to the election.

To paraphrase Lincoln, a sustainable eco village divided can not stand.

It may be tonight that Kerekere appreciates the damage she is causing the Party and makes a magnanimous decision to apologise and backdown, but I think her ambition is far greater than her actual talent and that this is a problem that plagues all the GreenLeft Networks Top 10 candidate list.

They are terribly weak candidates who would do more damage to our side than the Right.

TDB has been very vocal about who members should list, based on who we believe are capable MPs who can force the change this country so urgently needs.

Those Top 5 are

1: Chloe

2: Golriz

3: Julie Anne Genter

4: Efeso Collins

5: Steve Able

Tonight I expect Kerekere to go nuclear with allegations and a dance of wounded feelings performed to the sound of Gay Whale songs and finger clicking fair-trade instruments made by indigenous children.

This matters because if the Greens implode, National and ACT win and that would be a tragedy.

The woke are like Maoists in that they are excellent at understanding the leadership dynamics of an organisation, stacking those dynamics and then taking over.

We saw it with the Pride Parade and the Auckland Climate Action self cancelation.

The exact same thing has occurred here. The woke have seized the new Green Party voting rules and manipulated them and gained unspeakable power thanks to the bland apathy most have towards politics.

This is the woke fruit this harvest has reaped and it is an acidic tasting ripe smugness that makes vegan food look palatable.

At some point the members have to take back control of their Party, these 2022 voting changes must be reviewed if this is the madness they have gerrymandered.

Until the members take back their Party, the Green Party meltdown continues.


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