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Not only is Nationals roading policy an un-costed joke using garbage numbers to privatise our roads, it’s also a $20Billion dollar environmental ticking time bomb because it will breach our climate change obligations signed under the Paris Accords, but now an increasingly flustered Luxon is telling us he will capitulate to the Chinese and allow the local pimps for China’s Belt and Road project build our roads!!!!!!

National would ‘absolutely’ take money from China to pay for roads

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has said the party would “absolutely” accept Chinese money to fund its proposed road network and hit back at concerns.

National has costed its plan at $24 billion, including billions in private funding.

Transport Minister David Parker claims the National Party’s “Transport for the Future” policy is “literally billions of dollars short” in its cost estimates.

Luxon told Breakfast this morning: “There’s a lot of pension funds, there’s a lot of sovereign wealth funds that want to invest in infrastructure for long-term investment returns.”

“We’ve got to have a modern and reliable infrastructure and roading network, and part of the way we can do that is actually using private capital and alternative funding mechanisms.

“And that just means we get to do more infrastructure sooner, and we also make sure that we don’t give the taxpayer a huge amount of debt to deal with.”

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Pressed on whether a National government would take money from China to pay for the roads, Luxon said: “Yeah, absolutely.”

What the hell?

It really does tell us how poorly thought through this entire brainfart is when the solution is allowing China to come here and build our roads!

National is little more than a front for Chinese business interests and the Blue Dragons (NZ-Chinese supporters of National) are one of the most powerful factions now inside National so

This is a Party that received illegal donations from Chinese Businessmen AND had an actual Chinese spy inside their Party, allowing China to come to NZ and build our roads seems like a bewilderingly desperate move that opens us up to an enormous amount of Chinese influence and power inside NZ domestically.

National already enslave us to our Chinese Economic Overlord thorough their gutless devotion to selling China all our basic bitch milk powder, allowing them to enter NZ and build our infrastructure as well rather than do it ourselves is astoinishingly short sighted of National!

Interestingly National’s other collation partners in the Alliance of Arsholes have firmly said no…

“If National’s Transport policy leaves the door open for the Chinese Government to build New Zealand roads, ACT’s well thought out Transport policy shuts it,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“New Zealand desperately needs more foreign investment and ACT would welcome Public Private Partners, but we can’t follow the lead of pacific nations who have accepted investment from China, only to find they’re now in serious debt to a communist regime flexing its muscles.

“ACT’s Transport policy would follow the principles of our policy to remove barriers to foreign direct investment. This allows streamlined investment from friendly OECD countries, but we won’t allow foreign investment when there is a national security interest at stake.

…ACT want vast privatisation, Winston wants something vaguely sensible with zero details  while National want NZ to become the new Tibet of the South Pacific for China.

These guys aren’t even in power yet and the Alliance of Arseholes are already bickering amongst themselves!


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