People are tired of the three yearly public transport merry-go-round. It literally doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if most people stuck in traffic on their regular commute yesterday spent the journey getting increasingly frustrated with the political circus that is literally stopping them from getting anywhere,” says Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter.

“The question most people will understandably be asking themselves is “what are we to do when the two major political parties lack the courage to get on with what we know is needed?” Every three years, uncertainty wins the day rather than a clear promise to invest in buses, trains and bike lanes. It means our streets will continue not working well for anyone, including for people who drive.

“Our message is clear: if people want real action on climate change and long-term investment in public transport, the only option this year is the Green Party. More Green MPs in government will mean we can finally direct decision-making towards fast, reliable and affordable buses and trains.

“Aotearoa was once a country with frequent, affordable bus and train services joined up right across the country – even to very rural areas. We can reconnect our communities and safeguard our climate. All it takes is political will.

“Political leaders don’t get to decide what will and won’t happen after the election. That’s the job of the New Zealand public. The Green Party has consistently fought for better transport options in every part of Aotearoa – and we are not going to stop now.

“Every major improvement to sustainable transport in Aotearoa over the last six years – and let’s face it, there haven’t been enough – has been led by the Green Party. This includes everything from the Clean Car Discount, Auckland rail electrification and the City Rail Link, to building more routes for people to walk or use a bike safely, to investment in regional rail.

“Imagine what we can do with more MPs sitting around the decision making table pushing for affordable, inclusive, and climate-friendly transport options that work for everyone. If that’s what people want, then the Green Party is the only option this October,” says Julie Anne Genter.

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