27 April 2023 Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG): NB:The period covered by this newsletter is taken from the PMG’s 24-hour sitrep ending 8am the day after the above date.

We shall always do our best to verify the accuracy of all items in these IOP newsletters/reports wherever possible [e.g. we often suspect that names of people and places that we see in the PMG sitreps could be typos; also the translation into English seems rather odd ~ but sincewe, sadly, do not speak Arabic, we have no alternative but to copy and paste these names from the PMG sitreps!] – please forgive us for any errors or omissions – Leslie and Marian.

Israeli Navy opens fire on

Palestinian fishing boats

Settler armed violence –

4 injured – agricultural sabotage

Gaza blockade enforcement

TDB Recommends

Night peace disruption and/or

home invasions in UN refugee camp

and 3 towns and villages

2 attacks – 1 killed – 1 injured

1 beaten – 3 abducted

10 raids

including home invasions

15 taken prisoner

3 acts of

agricultural sabotage

Home invasions: 03:55, Aqbat Jaber UN refugee camp

Peace disruption raids: 08:00, Kaibartha al-Misbah – 13:25, Kafr Ni’ma – 03:30, Bir Zeit – 08:35, Araba – 08:35, Fahma – 19:35-22:50, Toura – 03:50-04:55, Tulkarem – 19:45, al-Zawiya – 19:45, Rafat.

Palestinian missile attacks: none.

Israeli Army attack – 1 killed: 16:50, Israeli Occupation forces, near the Haris village road junction, opened fire on and killed a man,Ahmed Yaqoub Mohammed Taha, as he emerged from his vehicle following a road accident.

Israeli Army attack – home invasions in UN refugee camp: Jericho – 03:55, Israeli forces, firing live ammunition, stun grenades and tear gas canisters, raided the Aqbat Jaber UN refugee camp and invaded a number of homes.

Israeli police and settlers mosque violation: Jerusalem – 08:00, settler militants, escorted by Israeli police, invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and molested worshippers.

Israeli Army abduction: Jerusalem – 20:00, Israeli Occupation forces abducted a 14-year-old boy, Rayan Nuri, in the Old City.

Israeli Army – 2 abductions: Jerusalem – 20:30, Israeli forces, in the Bab Hatta area outside an entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, abducted two minors: Hamza Al-Balbisi (aged 14) and Abdul Hakim Salim (aged 17).

Israeli Army assault with stun grenades and tear gas canisters: Tubas – noon, the Israeli Army fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters at protesters, near the entrance to the village of Ein al-Bayda, causing a number of tear gas casualties.

Israeli Army – beating and hospitalisation: Tubas – 20:00, Israeli troops, near the entrance to the village of Ein Al-Bayda, beat up and hospitalised a man: Imran Fiqha.

Israeli Army – Gaza blockade enforcement: Northern Gaza – morning, Israeli forces took prisoner an unidentified person attempting to flee the Gaza blockade.

Occupation settler armed violence – 4 injured – agricultural sabotage: Tubas – armed settlers, in the Ein al-Sakout area of the Northern Jordan Valley, attacked a number of farmers and shepherds, injuring four people as well as some livestock.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Nablus – Israeli Occupation settlers invaded Qaryut village farmland and cut off branches from more than 160 olive trees.

Occupation settler stoning: Nablus – armed settlers stoned homes and passing vehicles, near the entrance to the village of Ein Shibli.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Bethlehem – Israeli Occupation settlers invaded Husan village farmland and uprooted dozens of grapevine and olive seedlings. They also destroyed crops of eggplant, tomato and pepper as well as water for irrigation.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner: Ramallah – 08:00, Israeli Occupation forces raided the village of Kaibartha al-Misbah, taking prisoner two people.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner: Ramallah – 13:25, Israeli forces raided the village of Kafr Ni’ma, taking prisoner two people.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Ramallah – 03:30, the Israeli Army raided Bir Zeit, taking prisoner one person.

Raids: Jenin – 08:35, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Araba and Fahma villages.

Raid: Jenin – 19:35-22:50, the Israeli military raided and patrolled the village of Toura.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Tulkarem – 03:50-04:55, Israeli soldiers raided Tulkarem, taking prisoner one person.

Raids: Salfit – 19:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled al-Zawiya as well as the village of Rafat.

Restrictions of movement (11+): Hamra checkpoint – all entrances to the city of Jericho, for the sixth day in a row – 08:00-10:30, northern entrance to Tuqu’ – 21:15, Container checkpoint – 08:00, Beit Einoun village road junction – 08:00-11:10, northern entrance to Hebron – Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing closed – al-Mantar-Karni crossing closed – al-Shujaiyeh crossing (Nahal Oz) closed – Sufa crossing closed – al-Awda Port closed.

Numbers relating to other people reportedly taken prisoner:

Tulkarem 2, Qalqiliya 2, Jericho 4.

[NB: Times indicated in Bold Type contribute to the sleep deprivation suffered by Palestinian children]

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