‘Pure Trans Joy’ – How the Spinoff saw the Posie Parker mob violence vs reality

Posie Parker to return to New Zealand in September: Will border officers let her in?

Controversial anti-transgender activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, otherwise known as Posie Parker, is set to return to New Zealand in September – but her entry is not yet secured.

Keen-Minshull, a self-described women’s rights activist, said she was returning for a court hearing for the person who allegedly assaulted her at her March rally in Albert Park, Auckland.

She penned an open letter to Prime Minister Chris Hipkins yesterday, asking him to guarantee her safety.

Immigration New Zealand general manager Richard Owen said Keen-Minshull holds a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA), allowing her to travel here without applying for a visa in advance.

Posie Parker can still be denied entry into the country if she is considered a threat to public order, and based on the madness of her last visit, that must be exercised and her entry prevented.

The issue here is not Free Speech, the issue is public safety.

When the woke mob chased her from the Town Square, the woke cheered ‘Pure Trans Joy’ without appreciating that their cult like violence on the day changed the rules.

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The Right witnessed that performance and know now that violence is allowed and every religious fuckwit, feral antivaxxer, Anti Co-governance bigot and Qanon sovereign sheriff are all lining up to fight the woke.

Remember, The Spinoff and their woke media newsrooms are still telling you that the protest wasn’t violent, TDB was there, we have the footage…

RNZ, Mediawatch et all will tell you the images you see with your own eyes above were not a mob violently attacking Posie Parker.

According to the apologists it was, and I quote, ‘Pure Trans Joy’.

The Spinoff and their woke media newsrooms are fucking liars and they have glossed over the violence because you know, “heteronormative white cis male privilege”, the danger of course was that by legitimising political street violence, the rules have changed and they have changed so much that Posie Parker should only be allowed back into the country under very clear conditions:

NO public event in Albert Park or any Public space.

If she wishes to speak, it must be in a venue that can be managed and policed properly.

If we allow her in and she pulls the same fear grift stunt she did in Albert Park, it’s going to trigger a spasm of political violence because the Woke are so arrogant that they can’t back down and the feral right want a fight.

Add in the possibility of some nutter going troppo and bringing a gun to this, and we have an event 3 weeks out from the general election that could destabilise this country.

This is what we have become, this is who we is now.

Thanks wokies, we get it, your manufactured self identity is more important than our shared humanity.

You fucking clowns.


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