There is a lot that should be said, but won’t be said about Dr Kerekere’s resigning last night.

But for the shits and giggles, let’s read between the lines.

The livestream was cut as soon as Kerekere started lashing out at the leadership, her resignation was sent to the leadership shortly after she started speaking and made public at 10.30pm

I think that there was a lot more screenshots saying far more damaging things that could have been released.

Once the scale of gerrymandering by woke identity cliques using the new voting rules was realised, the push back and leaks have not ended.

The woke clique were manipulated by Matthew Hooton last year into dumping James as co-leader without any actual plan after that, these are not the smartest political strategists. These people think Marama isn’t woke enough!

The wider membership have been appalled by this level of machination.

This soft coup against James and Marama was only possible because they are both so weak and have little to show for their leadership.

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The woke identity clique have been exposed and it is now up to the wider membership to take their Party back.

TDB has been arguing members rank the top 5 this way to send a message they want a Green Party with the capacity to force economic and environmental justice:

1 – Chloe

2 – Golriz

3 – Julie Anne Genter

4 – Efeso Colllins

5 – Steve Able

This entire fiasco has been damaging for the Greens and Kerekere will be hoping a pre-emptive resignation can buy her time to get an invite from the Māori Party.

The Māori Party would be crazy to let her in.

We urgently need a Green Party focused on serving the people and not feeding their own ambitions.

We are 6 months out from the 2023 election, we did not need this shit!

If the Green Party are finished starting culture wars with white cis males and politically self mutilating themselves, could we get back to climate change and the looming economic recession?

A sustainable eco village divided against itself cannot stand!

Members must review these new voting rules so this nonsense doesn’t happen again!


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