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Tunnels, light rail, cycling and bus lanes – govt unveils ambitious $45b new harbour crossing plan

Auckland would get three tunnels across Waitematā Harbour – two for vehicles and one for light rail – under new plans revealed by the government today.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, Transport Minister David Parker and Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni presented the ambitious plan, expected to cost up to $45 billion and built over decades, at North Shore’s Bayswater Marina.

The two road tunnels would be three lanes each, one-way, and go from the CBD to Akoranga – about five or six kilometres, twice as long as the Waterview Tunnel.

The light rail tunnel would stretch 21km, going from Wynyard Quarter all the way north to Albany, winding through Takapuna and Belmont, stopping in six places.

“This is a bold plan for Auckland’s future that delivers a modern transport network that will connect all parts of the city,” Hipkins said.


Look, I’ve just come to accept that I will die before a second Harbour crossing is built.

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I’ve seen so many ‘Artists Impressions’ of the various White Elephants Aucklands gets promised and I’ve simply given up on believing I will ever =live to see any of them.

Look at this bullshit…

…this was hilariously Wayne Brown’s vision for the water front, I’m betting you $10billion it never gets fucking built!

Thankfully for my cynicism there is an enormous force about to create change, whether we like it or not!

There is a glorious pocket of time in Auckland City when I love it here.

After Christmas and until February, Auckland City empties and you got to wander through the lonely streets Quiet Earth styles like Bruno Lawrence.

This glorious pocket of solitude makes living in Auckland reasonable and fun and interesting over Summer.

For a moment each year we see what a City not groaning at the seams of over population and under investment in infrastructure feels like living in.

And then comes March Madness and a broken public transport system left begging people not to travel as a solution…

…don’t travel, that’s their solution?


Just wow.

I want to punch the next commentator in the face who comes forward and glibly claims, ‘We can’t afford light rail down Dominion Rd’!

We are so underinvested for the vast growth generated by the mass immigration policies of Labour and National with no clear plan who is going to fund the infrastructure all that immigration requires.

We need underground and overground light rail all the way down Dominion Rd, all the way down Mt Eden Rd, all the way to South Auckland, all the way to West Auckland and all the way to the North Shore!

We need a new motorway connecting to Wellsford now plus passenger rail!

We need a vast upgrade of all Northland Roads, Coromonadal, the East Coast, the South Island!

We need a new Harbour Tunnel and we need a tunnel beneath the North and South Island!

We need our own pharmuctical industry.

We need a vast upgrade of our Military!

We not only need new drs, nurses and teachers, but we need new hospitals and schools.

We need solar panels on every roof.

We need Marae, Schools, Libraries, RSA, Churches and Community Halls to be directly resourced and built as resilience points inside a community.

We need state subsidised emergency survival kits to every community.

We need a new plan for food security.

We need degrowth sponge cities that pay the Artist wage.

We need 4 days working weeks, 11 weeks holidays and accomodation for Nurses, Drs, Teachers, Army and Police.

We need free public transport.

Free dental.

We need new regulation around Forestry, Telecommunications, Trucking industry and drainage industry.

We need a Ministry of Green Works and we need to pay for all this increased State capacity by taxing the rich more!

Sugar Tax

Financial Transaction Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax

Land Tax

New top tax rate over $300 000

Wealth Tax on those over $30m

We have the tools to fund an increased State WHILE borrowing more at the same time.

This could be a chance to reset a broken Capitalism by removing the yoke of taxation from workers and putting it squarely on the speculators, the wealthy and the polluters.

Make the rich pay for hungry children to be fed.

The anger at the never ending cycle of climate carnage coming our way coupled with geopolitical shocks will force our hand if we continue to be in denial for the urgency of radical adaptation.


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