You can’t accuse this Poll of being a right wing noose to strangle NZ Democracy with, it’s the fucking Guardian love…

Guardian Essential poll New Zealand: National holds clear lead over Labour as election nears

Inaugural report shows Labour languishing on 29% of the vote while National records 34.5% as cost of living concerns dominate

…this is the Guardian’s first Poll tracking NZs election so it will be interesting to see what they see.

National – 34.5%

Labour – 29%

ACT – 11.6%

Greens – 8.5%

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Māori Party – 2.5%

NZF – 5.3%

What it shows is just how close this election is going to be.

Labour dropping under 30% highlights that if all Labour does is remove GST from fruit and vegetables they will lose the election thanks to boredom.

People are haemorrhaging money every week at the Supermarket, food inflation is 12.5%, add in the petrol cost increases and the horticultural damage caused by extreme climate events and the true spike run food prices hasn’t been felt yet!

Removing GST off all food in Supermarkets, Dairies and Convenience stores (not fast food) will look like Labour have listened to the pain of the people and while the smug snidely laugh at the desperate thinking they’ll get the full 15% off their total supermarket bill, those wankers are merely highlighting their own privilege because Kiwis are struggling with food costs as their mortgages, rents and cost of everything is fuelled by price gouging corporations who use their market dominance to extract monopoly rentals from us.

If Chippy doesn’t do something shortly, there won’t be enough sausage rolls at the local RSA Rugby Club Lions Rotary Working Man Union Pub  to go around and he will have allowed the most extreme right wing Government since Roger Douglas waltz into power and destroy the fabric of this country.,

No pressure Chippy.

That the Māori Party languish in this poll is no surprise, TVNZ and TV3 both have terrible history recording Māori Vote, and I’m not surprised if the Guardian does the same.

There is an MMP G-spot that sees the Māori Party creating an overhang if they get more electorates than Party vote. That would be funny.

The big news is NZ First over 5%, that is enormous news and shows we are facing a splintered MMP spectrum election that has every chance of throwing up oddities as the political spectrum fractures and the middle implodes seeing voters trying new options to break the current paradigms.

This could well propel Raf and TOP into consideration as well.

This election just got a lot more fascinating.

There is also a TU Curia Poll due later this week.


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