I’m not sure anyone is noticing, but the planet is melting.

The sheer magnitude and scale of the current heatwaves enveloping the Northern Hemisphere alongside breaking research suggesting the Atlantic Current could shut down before the end of this decade causing never before seen climate disruption is a tad concerning because we all like living on Planet Earth, and for vast swathes of our species, their homes will soon be failed state hellscapes, scorched from the face of the earth with the furnace intensity of satans flaming trident.

Which is why it’s odd that National and Labour are simply promising ‘more-roads’, with some ‘more-roads’ plus a side order of ‘more-roads’.

This at a time when our economy is getting hit with collapsing Dairy prices as China starts completing their mega farm projects which are rapidly replacing their need for our milk powder.

So we have an economy dangerously built on a dairy industry (that was always going to be replaced by Chinese mega farms), a speculative housing market (where we pretend to get rich from selling each other houses) and a mass transit infrastructure plan minus the mass transit, minus a plan and minus any climate change reality.

I blame Seven Sharp and The Project for making us all this dumb.


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