Lavish farewell: Ministry for Pacific Peoples spent $40,000 to farewell boss – falls foul of public service rules

A lavish event including gifts to farewell the boss at the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) last year failed to meet the “moderate and conservative” standards of the public service, a review has found.

Nor was a near-$5000 spend appropriate for a welcome event for Leauanae Laulu Mac Leauanae – including $3000 in travel costs for six members of his family – as he moved from head of MPP to the head of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH).

“This is a case of one agency getting it wrong,” Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes said today.

“Taken together, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ expenditure on the farewell and the welcome was an inappropriate use of taxpayers’ money. When a mistake is made, I expect public service chief executives to own it, fix it, learn from it, and to be accountable.”

…ok, let me be as clear as possible here.

I believe in the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, just as I believe in the Ministry for Youth Affairs, Ministry for Ethnic Communities, Ministry for Womens Affairs and Ministry for Māori affairs. These are important voices inside Parliament who help ensure everyones voice is considered in the decision making process.

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These are important Ministries that ensure Democracy isn’t just majoritarian thuggery and that those without power in society have voice.

It is hard however too defend them when they are fucking up like this.

1 – Why the Christ is this Wellington Bureaucrat paid $320 000 a year to start with? That is garbage!

2 – Why the Christ did they allow themselves a $40000 piss up to celebrate the $320 000 cherished Wellington Bureaucrat a cuddle with every family member and the local village roster when he left?

3 – Why are they pulling stunts like this when food inflation is 12.5%?

4 – How come no internal check or balance was alerted and it wasn’t until a complaint was made that an investigation occurred?

The worst bit of this is that ACT have been advocating dumping this Ministry as part of David Seymour’s amputation of 5 Government Ministries, the Human Rights Commission and every environmental policy passed in the last 6 years (alongside removing the gun registry) and all the Ministry for Pacific Peoples seem to be focused on doing is giving David Seymour the political ammunition to justify dumping them.

Can someone please beat the shit out of whatever clown inside the Ministry for Pacific Peoples who seem hell bent on giving David the bullets he will use to put them down!

Just bewildering incompetence from the Wellington Public Service elite gravy train and another insight into how the Professional Managerial Class hold the rest of us in contempt while they throw $40 000 parties.

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