Government teams up with US investment giant BlackRock to deliver new climate fund

The manner in which this BlackRock deal is being sold as some great initiative for clean energy is total fucking bullshit!

BlackRock are the corporate Nazgul of this planet, these evil fucks are using NZ to greenwash their repulsive oil investments everywhere else. They make insane money out of the exiting oil industry and are desperate as the planet boils to greenwash their corporate oil profits by launching this fund for NZ to pain themselves as supporters of the environment.

It is nothing more than Greenwash by one of the planets most awful pollution profiteers.

We are being used, look at the money oil makes to just appreciate its power…


…fossil fuels are the biggest contributor to global boiling and BlackRock are using us to gloss over their environment crimes.

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Fuck BlackRock, fuck every Kiwi supporting them and fuck global warming that the oil companies knew all the way back in the 1970s that they were contributing to.

Greenpeace NZ know BlackRock are not to be trusted, and neither should the rest of us!

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