Boom – the latest Taxpayers’ Union Poll is out and it is crippling for Labour while seeing NZ First firmly back.

NATIONAL – 34.9%

LABOUR – 27.1%

ACT – 13%

GREENS – 12%

NZF – 5.8%

Māori Party – 2.5%

TOP – 1%

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Well done Labour, cheers Kiri, nice work Michael, top stuff Nashy, brilliant call on the Wealth Tax Chippy.

It’s all gone down about as well as a cup of cold sick.

The only silver lining for the Left is that these polls overpoll National by 5points and underpoll Labour by 4points so this is all margin of error stuff right now.

Luxon’s terrible personal performance vs Chippy with no policy vs David Seymour with alpha performances promising a race war.

This will be a protest vote election.

Right now, all Labour are impotently promising is GST off fresh fruit and vegetables.

That just won’t be enough and seeing as it has already been leaked, art will be met with a shrug by voters.

Instead Labour should utilise this leak and leverage it politically and surprise the Electorate by taking GST off ALL food, this after the disappointment of the Wealth Tax will make voters feel like Labour have actually listened to they pain in the cost of living crisis.

Political cowardice is never rewarded and until Labour makes an actual stand they will continue to slide in the Polls.

Labour either stand for something or they hang for everything.

Labour either shows political courage and takes GST off all food or they hand this election over to the hard Right.

You’ve run out of road Chippy, go bold or go home.

What’s the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one can afford Bread or Butter?

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