I spy with my 5 Eyes something beginning with war.

Our new Defence strategy clearly paints China as our main geopolitical threat, and while China certainly enjoys extending its influence via trade dominance and debt ridden infrastructure projects alongside an authoritarian mass surveillance regime that is most certainly committing a cultural genocide against the Uyghurs, diplomacy and independence is how we face those challenges.

We are not going to get ourselves sucked into another fucking American war!

The Dozen nuclear subs America just handed to Australia will have next generation hypersonic  missiles meaning they could sit off the coast of China and hit China before China knew it had been hit.

These dozen nuclear subs aren’t a defensive move by Australia, UK and America, it’s a first strike platform and the hawks in China will see it as a closing window of their military superiority.

When you give a former penal colony where the inmates literally took over the asylum the power of nuclear military energy, it’s conflict generating.

We need to protect NZ, we need to remain independent, we need to consider neutrality, we need to lift our GDP military spend to 3%, we need a new Drone industry, we need more special forces and we need more military machinery that can project civil defence capacity.

Are we really going to war for Taiwan?

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NZ should be friend to all, enemy to none, but we need to acknowledge that independence comes with a higher military cost.

We do not want to be controlled by China and we do not want to be controlled by America.

Diplomacy first, Independence always, greater defensive military now.


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