The election hasn’t even been held and David Seymour and Winston Peters are already trying to slash each others throats!

Election 2023: Winston Peters claims Act’s attack ad proves David Seymour’s party is worried

An advertisement attacking Winston Peters, paid for by Act, is proof David Seymour’s party is worried about New Zealand First returning to Parliament, Peters claims.

Seymour, who doesn’t think NZ First will reach the 5 per cent threshold needed to make that return, says he is worried at the prospect of Peters and his party back in Parliament and claims the ad is a “public service announcement” to remind people why they too should be worried.

The ad has also caused a headache for the Electoral Commission after it emerged Act’s ad had appeared next to one of the Commission’s ads, which goes against its instructions that they are not placed near or next to political advertising.

It comes as the latest Taxpayers’ Union – Curia poll, released today, showed NZ First was on 5.8 per cent, up 2.5 percentage points.

A National/ACT Government would be the most far right Government since Roger Douglas, the level of slash and burn ACT wants to amputate the State with would see the country plunge into naked conflict.

The privatisation agenda about to mangle the remainder of our State Services would shock most kiwis, but Seven Sharp and The Project keeps this country stupid.

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A National/ACT and NZ First propped up Government would become immediately gridlocked as ACT and NZ First attack each other over everything except attacking Māori.

So we will either get a Far Right Government or a Far Right Government with Winston as the only hand break, which is cold comfort.

The only way to stop this is with a Labour/Green minority Government with Supply and Confidence from the Māori Party with those Supply and Confidence bottom lines wide sweeping reforms.

Greens + Labour won’t = 51%, Greens + Labour + Māori Party might.

Greens + Labour + Māori Party + TOP will.

Everything is at stake this election, the Left must make its argument to voters with a clear policy platform.

The panic and economic shock the Books opening next month will create is going to demand courageous politics.

Labour, Greens, Māori Party and TOP better be ready to be brave.


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