The Alliance of Arsholes

The reality is that Winston and David hate each other so much that they ruse to give National the Supply and Confidence votes and instead force another snap-election.

The Governor General gives the Election to whatever Political Leader can assure Supply and Confidence, if no Party Leader can do that, we could be forced back to a snap-election.

David and Winston hate each other so much that they won’t concede anything to the other.

If National need ACT and NZ First (which they will) ACT and NZ First will sprint to the Cross Benches and refuse point blank to co-operate with each other.

If Labour, Greens and Māori Party are the ‘Coalition of Chaos’, ACT, National and NZ First are the ‘Alliance of Arseholes’ and their naked hatred towards each other will be glorious for 3 years of policy gridlock.


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