Labour tax policy: Chris Hipkins reveals removal of GST from fruit and vegetable in bid to ease cost of living

Labour will remove the GST from fruit and vegetables and make changes to Working for Families that will benefit about 160,000 families.

Chris Hipkins is revealing the party’s tax policy and has confirmed no changes to income tax levels and no introduction of new taxes such as a Wealth Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

The In-Work Tax Credit will be raised by $25 a week to $97.50 and the Working for Families abatement threshold will be raised, but not until 2026, to $50,000 to reflect wage growth.

Hipkins said removing GST from fruit and vegetable was “fairly simple” and would come into effect on April 1.

They had one chance to take the election back by using the leak to surprise everyone.

They should have come out with GST off all Supermarket food, that would have been meaningful, this bullshit nothing with a small fart towards Working For Families is a gutless cowardly ball-less announcement that just makes you want Labour to fucking lose!

What’s the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one can afford the Bread or butter?

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The only silver lining here is that when the Books get opened next month and the full exposure of the NZ economy to China’s dramatic slowdown is made public, Labour’s GST and WFF crumbs will look like a 3 course meal.

All Labour have now is Chippy’s performance in the election debates and the hope Luxon fucks up.

Honestly, after this election no matter whoever wins, the Political Left needs to meet to see if a new political vehicle focused on Left Wing Economic values  is what is needed here because between Labour’s cowardly incrementalism and the Greens alienating woke dogma, both Party’s have utterly failed us on the task of meaningful change.

the only ones actually trying are the Māori Party who’s tax policy is easily the best of all Political Parties this election.

The rich, the Bankers and the Property Speculators will all be laughing.

The only hope for real progress is that Chippy is forced during negotiations by John Tamihere and the Greens into doing something real.

I blame Seven Sharp and The Project for making us this collectively stupid.

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