Good. Finally a win against the dirty booze barons…

Aucklanders could soon lose right to buy booze in supermarkets after 9pm

Buying booze in the supermarket or at the bottle store after 9pm could soon be a thing of the past in Auckland at least, after a Supreme Court ruling on Friday.

…booze should never have been allowed to be sold in Supermarkets in the first place and any new restrictions on the filthy Supermarket Duopoly needs to start with removing the booze from them!

The win still needs to go further than a 9pm shut off, locals must gain the power to stop new bottle shops opening as well!

The dirty filthy booze barons sell their addictive dangerous product without any real restrictions in this country.

Move the age back to 20, ban them from selling in Supermarkets and clamp down on bottle shops.

Booze does this society so much harm, why is it easier to get pissed and violent in this country yet locked up if you have a joint?

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We need new restriction on vice and we need new taxes.

Gambling, drinking, cannabis and vaping should all be R20 and face Vice taxes, which are super taxes on their profits.

If you are selling a product that is addictive, you should pay for that social damage as well.

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