Unions welcome Government’s move to require 900 businesses to report gender pay gap

The Government will soon require close to 900 businesses to report their gender pay gap which has largely been welcomed by workers unions. 

On Friday, the Government announced around 900 businesses with more than 250 employees will have to report their gender pay gap, and then those with more than 100 workers to be introduced later.

Minister for Women Jan Tinetti and Associate Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Priyanca Radhakrishnan made the announcement on Friday saying it marks a “significant step in closing the pay gap for Kiwi women”.

“The reality is that women have different experiences in the workplace than men, and change is needed. Requiring companies to publish their gender pay gap will encourage them to address the drivers of those gaps and increase transparency for workers,” said Minister Tinetti. 


The Gender Pay Gap debate in NZ has always felt like a lot of white tertiary educated women at Boardroom level management pissed off they aren’t getting the same sweet deals the boys are getting.

Less Les Misérables and more Laissez-faire miserable.

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Surely the harvest of civil society should be a wee bit broader than the Professional Female Management Class?

At the centre of the Gender Pay Gap is the biological reality women carry the babies. If we as a liberal progressive society want to ensure everyone has equal agency, then surely recognising biological reality is a starting point?

The first 12months should be maternity leave – or paternity leave, either one, but one of the parents should be paid to stay home with the infant for its first year of life. Who else do you want to look after an infant other than the parent?

Meanwhile, ECE should be nationalised and made completely free for 2 year olds to 5 year olds while all after school care should be free.

Childcare costs fall unevenly and unfairly on women, so why not eliminate those costs altogether?

Playing the Gender Pay Gap Game even when implemented, doesn’t lead to the outcomes desired.  

If women having babies is stunting their pay careers, then subside the cost of having that kid with 12months maternity/paternity leave, Nationalise ECE and free after school care.

Allowing a parent to stay home with their kid for a year,  provide free early education care and free after school care would do more to live up to that promise than anything else.

All we do is make ideological tinkerings to pacify white tertiary educated women at Boardroom level management rather than real biological solutions because 4th wave feminism denounces biological reality.


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