Of genuine concern to all Kiwis is the naked bigotry that has been flamed by evangelical paster and supposed historian, Pastor Julian Batchelor.

Julian’s anti co-governance speaking tour has been righteously protested against up and down the country. He cherry picks facts and then presents those facts as evidence of a conspiracy by Māori ‘elite’ to secretly take over New Zealand.

The idea that the drive for co-governance and working together is really a secret plot to undermine the constitution speaks of an ignorance that has become weaponised bigotry!

Co-Governance was of course the elegant solution created by National and ACT to create partnerships to work alongside Māori with. To have these structures built by the political Right become misrepresented as a stealth attack on democracy by the Left is disingenuous in the extreme of Julian.

Painting attempts to live the Treaty in susch existential extremes demands of Julian’s followers extreme responses and is calling for a protest on the Election.

This racist friction will become unbearable this election, especially with ACT promising to force National into a referendum to redefine the Treaty and force that redefined Treaty upon Māori.

This election has the potential to unleash an anger generated by fear towards Māori the likes we haven’t seen in a long time.


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First published on Waatea News.

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