Incredible political insight and oversight into the Meka defection on Marae this morning from the indomitable Claudette Hauiti.

Claudette rightfully pointed out a unique feature of this defection that actually demands attention.

Neither Meka or Willie have attacked each other since the defection and neither have Labour or the Māori Party. That they have been dignified and respectful towards one another despite an enormous sense of loss and anger and sadness at the defection is surprising and refreshing.

That is unique and something we should want more of in politics and our personal lives!

What we are seeing here is the first real political test of the Labour and Māori Party since the Foreshore and Seabed confiscation. If this can be managed with dignity intact, then it shows voters that Labour and the Māori Party can work together, and that it isn’t the scary bogeyman the Right are attempting to enflame it as.

If Labour and the Māori Party can avoid becoming what the Greens are descending into they can go to the election and argue condignly they can work together.

Voters are looking for solidarity, not more factional infighting.

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