@Tiare_MP on Twitter has compiled previous election slogans from Labour and National and it paints a very clear picture of what they think we are stupid enough to vote for.

I like 1984’s ‘New Zealand, you’re winning’ optimism as the stock market collapses.

1987’s ‘Let’s get NZ right’ feels like a stupid pun headline in the Rugby section.

1990’s ‘Creating a decent society’ was clearly a lie.

1993’s ‘The Spirit of recovery’ feels weirdly new age crystals-curing-cancer level distress

1996’s ‘First Tick National’ feels remedial.

1999’s ‘Keep NZ going forward’ seems child level messaging.

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2002’s ‘Get the future you deserve’ seems passive aggressive.

2005’s ‘Family. Community. Work. Security. Freedom’, sounds like a list of things National are promising to exterminate.

2008’s ‘Chose a brighter future’ seems desperate.

2011’s ‘Build a brighter future’ is a rehash of their ‘chose a brighter future’ but apparently with more lightbulbs.

2014’s ‘Working for NZ’ feels like they’ve just realised that’s what they are supposed to be doing.

2017’s ‘Delivering for New Zealanders’ was obviously false advertising because they lost that election.

2020’s “Strong Team. More Jobs. Better Economy” sounded like a list of things Judith Collins couldn’t do while their slogan this year, “Get our country back on track” is a MAGA inspired culture war infused longing by rich people to go back to a time when they didn’t have to give a fuck about poor people.


Labour’s early slogans are fucking hilarious!

1943’s “If you don’t want the Nationalists vote Labour” is a great way veto insult your opponents WHILE humble bragging a vote for yourself at the end.

1957’s “For your family’s sake…vote Labour’ has real red flag desperate codependency vibes.

1963’s “Let’s get cracking with Labour!!!!!!!!!!!’ feels like a 1960s ad agency execs first line of cocaine while working on a political campaign. That’s 10  exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

1966’s “Drive ahead with a Labour Government’ sounds like a threat.

1984’s ‘Bringing NZ together’ was an outright falsehood.

1987’s ‘Be there with Labour’ is the weirdest slogan of all, after Roger Douglas had destroyed the country, Labour went all zen, the way. shell shocked soldier wanders the battlefield talking to flowers.

1996’s ‘New Heart. New Hope. New Zealand’ feels like something someone who has just come out of therapy says.

2017’s infamous ‘Let’s do this’ which showed Labour didn’t grasp the understand of the words, ‘Let’s’, “Do” or “This”.

2020’s ‘Let’s keep moving” feels like a very low threshold promise.

2023’s ‘In it for you’ at least remind voters that Labour are in it for YOU (and all those corporate consultants who influence every inch of policy and legislation to ensure the under regulated capitalism they manipulate for their own interests is NEVER challenged).


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