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Elizabeth Kerekere quits Green Party, takes aim at co-leaders

Elizabeth Kerekere has resigned from the Green Party, but not before taking aim at its co-leaders as she’s investigated over bullying claims.

Kerekere broke her month-long silence at 8pm Friday night, speaking to Green members about those claims and the “crybaby” text which sparked her investigation. Around the same time, a Green Party spokesperson said Kerekere sent a letter of resignation to the caucus.

She intended to become an independent MP and then retire from politics at the election, party co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson said in a statement. The co-leaders said they would not try to oust her from Parliament with the waka jumping law.

During the meeting, Kerekere didn’t reveal she’d resigned. But she hit out at Shaw and Davidson, saying they made it very difficult for her to continue as an MP.

In Collaborators, Episode one, Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, those who have collaborated are secretly rounded up and sent out an airlock.

Once the scale of the uberwoke identity politics faction soft coup against the current Green Party Leadership was established after the posting of the provisional candidate list, the Green Leadership pushed their disloyal into an airlock too…

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Left-wing Green Party members lose leader Nicole Geluk-Le Gros

A left-wing group within the Green Party often seen as being at odds with the current leadership has had a leadership change of its own.

The Green Left Network (GLN), a group of Green members that “works to promote an explicitly anti-capitalist” vision for the Green Party, according to its website, has lost one of its co-convenors, Nicole Geluk-Le Gros, following the Network’s online AGM last week.

Geluk-Le Gros was ejected from her co-convenor position on the GLN’s executive under a process known as Re-open Nominations or “RON”.

This occurs when a person is trying to reapply for their position and at least a quarter of voting members vote to “reopen nominations” to other members, rather than endorse that person’s reappointment. It is the same process by which party co-leader James Shaw lost the party co-leadership last year, before regaining it.

there could be a wider issue at play, which is a shift within the party away from networks like the GLN towards what are known as “lived experience networks”.

These are groups organised around people’s lived experience as part of the rainbow or disabled communities, for example.

A recent constitutional change in the party gave lived experience groups more power within the Green Party’s organisational structure – power that is not given to networks that organise along more ideological lines.

…the uberwoke faction had gerrymandered the new rules on voter collaboration within the Greens and once established had hijacked them.

This is an identity politics tactic we have seen at the Pride parade and the Student Strike for Climate Auckland, woke activists seize control of the organisation to establish their purge.

Within the Greens this uberwoke faction considered Marama Davidson as not woke enough, combine that energy with the inflated self importance of MPs powered on nothing more than the low hanging fruit of visible diversity and you had a soft coup that only got as far as it did because Marama and James are such weak Leaders who have delivered very little in terms of meaningful change.

The game was up when Dr Kerekere’s group chat message went to the wrong group chat. Her claim is she sent it accidentally about herself to her wife which requires 7 bends of the space time continuum to accept, despite one of her collaborators replying to her mistake immediately with ‘wrong group’.

A soft coup by the uberwoke was quickly put down and airlocks used, but it does highlight the danger of the toxicity of wounded woke feelings in a micro aggression policing outrage olympics hashtag culture.

Every act is a genocide,  every rolled eye a war crime, any behaviour that can be taken as the most wounding insult known since civilisation founded while painting the other as a vampire Nazi sex offender has combined to become a cultural cacophony of wounds holding their scars to the sky in competition for social hierarchy.

I think we have become a brittle people with the stoicism of frightened lambs shivering in a bleak baron winter.

In the words of the great Logan Roy…

…the Greens with Dr Kerekere and Riccardo as co-leaders would have been a 3% Party, the Greens current focus on the inequalities of free market capitalism has every chance of seeing them gain 10% + 2 electorates.

All the Greens have to do is be slightly less cowardly, ball-less and spineless than Labour, and Labour are currently making that very easy for them.

If Labour need the Greens + Māori Party to govern post election, the Greens and MP should immediately hui and negotiate as a united front.

We are going to need a lot more airlocks after that.


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