National Party under pressure to reveal foreign buyer policy

First-home buyers will be outbid by foreign investors if a National-led Government reverses a law which stops them buying existing homes, Labour Minister David Parker says, but an expert warns there is scant evidence the policy made houses more affordable.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon is being told by Labour to reveal his party’s policy on foreign buyers, after hinting he might reverse or amend the law put in place under by Jacinda Ardern-led Government in 2018.

The policy only applied to houses which had already been built, but Parker said it had made a difference.

National should be “really drilled” on its stance, because it was obvious it wanted to scrap the law.

The National Party are little more than a front for Chinese Business interests!

After John Key’s jaw dropping acquiescence to China every time he opens his mouth, plus the fact that the Blue Dragons (NZ-Chinese National supporters) are one of the most powerful factions inside National..

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…plus Luxon’s recent comments on taking Chinese money to build our roads all add to  the criticism that National is little more than a front for Chinese Business interests!

Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain were/are Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges.

There was also the wee issue of a Chinese Spy inside the National Party as an MP.

National are the Political Party of Corporate Dairy Farmers and the Corporate Dairy Farmers  who followed John Key’s ‘All-our-Cows-in-one-Beijing-paddock’ strategy’ have ended up becoming indebted to our Chinese Economic Overlords…

Fonterra’s milk price chop predicted to hit tax take and GDP hard, big farmer losses ahead

A deep cut in Fonterra’s milk price forecast will wipe $5 billion off the country’s GDP and most dairy farmers will make significant losses this year, according to a leading agri-economist.

It will also impede the ability of New Zealand’s exports to pay for imports and put a dent in the Government’s tax take.

Veteran rural economist Phil Journeaux said that, even before Friday’s sharp reduction of $1/kg of milksolids in the mid-point of Fonterra’s forecast price range for the current season – from $8/kg to $7/kg – modelling had shown that the downturn in global milk prices and soaring cost increases meant the average Waikato-Bay of Plenty farmer stood to make a loss of $54,000.

For Fonterra farmers that loss was offset by the Fonterra share dividend and a scheduled capital return from the company. But Friday’s announcement had turned the loss into $80,000, Journeaux said.

To break even under today’s economic pressures, the average dairy farmer needs $8/kg, according to modelling.

…while our Chinese Economic Overlords build their own mega Dairy Farms that will utterly undermine our dependent industry…

Going bigger! Big scale dairy farming a main trend in China

China’s dairy farming industry has transformed over the last 2 decades and today the main trend is big scale farming.

In 2019 the annual milk production in China was 32 billion kg and according to the ‘China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020’ the 25 largest farming companies of milk delivered 9,4 billion kg of the country’s production or contributed 29%. These farming companies had 1.7 million dairy cattle or on average nearly 68 thousand animals each.

…they will overtake us and undermine us and National with their Corporate Dairy mates have set us up on a conclusion course for geopolitical tensions!

Let’s be clear, we have no issue with the Chinese people or China, our problem is with their authoritarian régime who are committing a cultural genocide against the Uyghurs, however National seem more concerned with Chinese business interests than they are with our national interests!

National’s devotion for China is not safe and neither is the coming Dairy death spiral.

We have put all our cows in one Beijing paddock and it is coming back to bite us in the arse and it seems Luxon’s grand plan is to remove the foreign buyer ban so National’s Real Estate pimp mates (who are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to National) AND National’s Chinese Business mates get to have a free for all orgy on our Housing Market.

Those with property will love this because it will push up their house prices as National sell the country to their rich foreign millionaire mates.

You may be pissed off with Labour’s feckless incompetence and you may be really pissed off with the Greens alienating woke tantrums, but sweet Jesus, be VERY AWARE that the Political Right will sell the Shire right out from under your feet to Mordor in a second you sleepy hobbits!

Winston may well have found his issue to get 8% if National and ACT open the floodgates to their rich property speculating mates if Labour and the Māori Party don’t get there first.

Mark Wyborn and Trevor Farmer applied for consent to take 71 million litres of water a day out of the Waikato River for their 26,000ha dairy farm. The Ministry for the Environment declined their application.

Since then, they have donated $750,000 to National, ACT and NZ First.


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