Anti-trans hate in NZ becoming ‘genocidal’ – Disinformation Project

Hate towards New Zealand’s trans community has increased ‘substantially’, according to new data from the Disinformation Project.


This is the latest attempt by the Disinformation Project to sow the seeds of a culture war by labelling everyone who had a concern by the mob violence at the Posie Parker protest as a transphobic white supremacy extremist.

Dr Edwards highly pointed out that this type of wide sweeping claims based on global social media only causes further alienation.

For critiquing and labelling these ideological tensions on the Left, the woke middle class faction are attempting to cancel Dr Edwards with complaints to his University and an online hate campaign that smells like a mob.

The woke are feeling a lot of push back now and for the first time since 2016 are feeling like they are losing control of the narrative and for groups who had little to no voice before losing the thrill of control they enjoy now is terribly alarming and incandescent with rage level self righteousness.

Expect a night of the long tweets as the Woke implode into social media lynchings of heretics and blasphemers as pure temple politics divide once again into purity Kibbutz and hemp Teepees.

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The outrage olympics and vilification by the woke is as ugly as the Right but smarter.

At no point will the woke and their drive to alienate everyone who isn’t as pure and them occur as the reason the Left are losing politically.

While the woke middle class activist base fuels a culture war the Left can’t politically win, the Right are laughing all the way to the bank..


The Disinformation Project have every right to make the arguments they do, but their wide sweeping claims that everyone who had a problem with what occurred at the Posie Parker fiasco is some type of Transphobic Nazi is fucking insane.

Posie Parker is a toxic trans troll anger grifter whose offensive rhetoric erases Trans people from existence, and while  I have concerns about the aggressiveness of the trans community and their cancel culture militancy (along with their mob thugs veto violence) – I ultimately want our trans community to enjoy the same agency as every other citizen because that’s the promise of a liberal progressive democracy.

Posie Parker on the other hand, uses inflammatory rhetoric that seeks to erase all Trans identity.

She has appeared in videos with far-right YouTube personality Jean-François Gariépy, as well as posting a selfie with Norwegian neo-Nazi Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen.

Posie Parker however is a manifestation of what happens when you allow cancel culture to dictate the debate. Free speech allows her to speak, and it allows you to protest her when she speaks, but descending into a culture war where street violence is justified is simply playing into her hands.

Painting everyone with woke guilt for crimes against identity politics dogma for being alarmed at the militancy on display as the Disinformation Project does feeds that culture war, it doesn’t challenge it!

It empowers a security State that is already easily triggered.

Incredibly woke Academics like Professor Kidman have been appointed to the Academy of Extremism who helps the Intelligence Apparatus spot enemies of the State.

Professor Kidman attacked the Auckland University Politics Department for calling their Cat ‘Governor Grey’ because according to the good Professor, Governor Grey was a genocidal force for evil and the Auckland University Politics Department was celebrating that.

Professor Kidman then led a cancel campaign against Trellis Cooper for supposedly making a genocidal dress.

So the person with the most easily triggered woke thresholds is advising the Spies on who to go after.

Are you feeling safer yet?

By critiquing the Disinformation Project for displaying the same outrage olympics that the Wellington middle class maoists did when labelling all the parliamentary Protestors white supremacist Nazis, Dr Bryce Edwards is bringing a class and identity critique to the culture wars.

Trying to censor him, vilify him, have him sacked or canceled shows you how utterly committed to the cause the woke are.

They would eat their own if they weren’t all vegans.

We can not allow Dr Bryce Edwards to be cancelled by them threatening his job or his role in the media.

If we allow the Emerald Stormtroopers to censor our public Political Scientists then they won’t stop anytime anyone challenges their identity politics dogma.


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