Press Gallery photographers at Parliament have a unique lens on what goes on inside and around the Parliamentary Precinct. Our latest exhibition, Beyond the Tiles, gives the public an insight into the gallery’s work as photojournalists and artists capturing politics in motion.

Usually found huddled on Parliament’s black and white tiles, Press Gallery members provide the public with a platform to witness and understand the goings on of Parliament. They play a fundamental role in our democracy, holding the Government and Opposition to account, as well providing the latest updates and information to the public.

In Beyond the Tiles, members of the Press Gallery share some of their most iconic moments in a meaningfully curated collection of photographs capturing events, emotions, and elected representatives through the camera lens.

Robert Kitchin, Angus Dreaver, Samuel Rillstone, Mark Mitchell, and Phil Smith’s photography all feature in the exhibition.

Kitchin’s street photography captures the candid moments of everyday life on the public street.

“The contrast between photographing “everyday” people on the street and the theatre that is Parliament is a good balance,” he says.

Angus Dreaver has selected a cross-section of images that reflect his time in the gallery and his experience of working in media during the occupation on Parliament grounds. In Beyond the Tiles, his images highlight the challenge and balance of getting photos of a historic moment, despite facing hostility as a member of the press.

Phil Smith believes, given the many rules at Parliament about where and what you can shoot, the most interesting photos are often by necessity taken outside of the predictable sphere. Despite being a radio journalist, he enjoys the visual medium of photography. Wherever he has been a journalist, he’s tried to take a camera along

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As a member of the Press Gallery, Samuel Rillstone enjoys conveying a story visually, and his photos from Beyond the Tiles highlight the cinematic quality of natural landscapes and animals.

Mark Mitchell has been passionate about photography since primary school. During his 36-year career, Mitchell has covered most of Parliament’s major events, from leadership battles, government changes, to coalition talks, VIP visits and protests, he’s seen and photographed it all.

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