NZ First Toilet Cops – ‘SHOW ME YOUR GENDER”

While Winston was losing himself up his own arsehole over his latest enemies list, what was most pleasing about the political reposes to his call to police toilets to ensure no one is using a toilet that doesn’t match their gender was that Labour and National point blank refused to play along…

Luxon says NZ First transgender bathrooms policy ‘on another planet’

National leader Christopher Luxon has rejected a New Zealand First policy on transgender people, bathrooms and sport, saying it’s “on another planet”.

Yesterday, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters announced his party would, if part of the next government, pass law requiring new public organisations with public toilets to provide “clearly demarcated” unisex and single-sex bathrooms.

The party also wanted a law change to require current public toilets to not allow anyone access “which are designed for the opposite sex use”.

But today, Luxon said there was no need for laws specifying which toilets people could use.

“Bathrooms is not a big topic for this election. What this country is focused on is who are the best economic managers, who’s going to reduce the cost of living. When I’m out and about across New Zealand, bathrooms is not going to be a big election issue.”

He said it “may well be” a big issue for Peters.

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“You are on another planet if you want to have a conversation about bathrooms and make that an election issue.

“What New Zealanders are really talking about is actually – after yesterday – with a third of New Zealanders about to re-fix their mortgages between now and Christmas, is how they find an extra $700 a fortnight. What they’re talking about is why crime is out of control, what they’re talking about is how we deliver better health and education.

“They’re not talking about bathrooms.”

Asked what his personal view on the issue was, Luxon said there were “a lot of unisex bathrooms around”.

“This is not an issue.”

…good on Luxon and Chippy for refusing to give this transphobic nonsense any bait.

Look, allowing the Toilet Police to start policing our toilets because the Trans community have been militant over the top arseholes in their never ending drama queen push for whatever Shaneel Lal thinks will give him anymore attention is a insane solution.

Yes the Trans Community + the woke middle class activists + the non-binary activists + the fourth wave feminists have all combined to produce an alienating toxicity that manages to drive voters from the Left with their woke dogma, but Toilet Police as a response to their nonsense?

Come on!

Fuck. Right. Off!

I’m not tolerating Toilet Police, and as a citizen of a liberal progressive democracy, neither should you!

Are there legitimate issues raised by Gender Critical Feminists? There sure are!

Have the Trans community provided ammunition to the Right with their cancel culture nonsense? They sure have!

Can biological sex simply be replaced with how you feel? Not really.

Are the woke generating lots of this backlash? Sure are!

But we have to work together to find solutions that allow all citizens, be they trans or gender critical feminist, to share the same agency promised to every citizen in a. liberal democracy.

We need far more empathy and compassion in this debate than the current vileness.

Winston’s desperation to play to Transphobia, petty racist bigotry and feral anti vaxxers to get over 5% is the big storey of this election.,

The cavalcade of political circus freaks Winnie will trick and manipulate into voting for him is gasp inducing and vomit inducing.

This election is going too be a better harvest of spite spat at at everyone the voter hates rather than everything the voter hopers for.

This whole issue if ripe for explosion of Posie Parker holds another unmanageable open air shit fight in Albert Park 3 weeks from the 2023 election.


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