SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is a terrorist and the other is Guy Fawkes

Police don’t identify offence after ACT leader David Seymour referred for Ministry for Pacific Peoples remark

David Seymour’s refusing to apologise for a comment about blowing up the Ministry for Pacific Peoples – saying he makes jokes like that all the time.

But Newshub can reveal one person found it so offensive, they referred him to Police.

David Seymour is not a sorry man.

“People shouldn’t have to apologise for having a laugh,” he said.

The ACT leader loves having a laugh at himself and about blowing up ministries.

“It’s a joke I’ve made many times about many government departments,” he said.

His latest joke’s about the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. On Thursday Seymour told Newstalk ZB he would abolish it, partly because it spent $40,000 on a farewell party.

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“In my fantasy, we’d send a guy called Guy Fawkes in there and it’d be all over, but we’ll probably have to have a more formal approach than that,” he said.

“He should be apologising for a lot of things – this is just one of many things he should apologise for,” said Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni.

“I don’t find it funny. This sort of joke is unacceptable. He should apologise to the Ministry for Pacific Peoples and he should apologise to Pacific communities,” added Green Party MP Teanau Tuiono.

But Seymour said: “You’re politicising comments I’ve made about many different departments many times and no one’s ever noticed before.”

Newshub can reveal someone was so concerned about his comment they reported Seymour to the police.

Police told us they assessed the comments, but did not identify any offence, and are not taking the matter further.

“No harm was intended, no harm was done. We don’t want to live in a country where you have to walk on eggshells because people politicise a joke,” Seymour said.

Seymour himself though has called for an apology over a joke made by Te Pati Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi and his necklace poison berries.

“When David Seymour’s not looking I’m going to go like this into his water. I’ll tell you what, reindigenise yourself with some native seeds,” Waititi said.

Seymour told Stuff: “I’m genuinely concerned the next step is that some slightly more radical person doesn’t think it’s a joke.”

“My offence was at the racial overtones where he said indigenise yourself. The comments I made were about a government department wasting money hand over fist,” Seymour told Newshub.

ACT has been driving the prosecution against the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ spending, like its $40,000 leaving bash for its former chief executive.

On Thursday morning – before Seymour joked about blowing it up – two men went into the ministry and tried to film staff while asking them about how much the ministry was spending. Police were called.

“He is the leader of a political party and there are people on the far right who look to him for leadership so it is important that he sends the right signals to his followers and in particular those far right followers, that his comments were unacceptable,” Tuiono said.

“Usually they provoke laughter but in the current world they’re provoking a media beat-up but I think people will see that for what it is,” Seymour said.

But clearly not everyone sees the funny side.

Ok, there’s two things here we should focus on:

First, let’s start with what a snivelling little easily triggered snowflake David is! He can joke about blowing up the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’  but Rawiri can’t joke about poisoning him???

If you dish it out, you have an obligation to take it.

But the second issue, which is far more important, is that Outrage Olympics at David Seymour’s Guy Fawkes comment eclipses the real damage of State amputation he’s attempting!

The identity politics virtue signalling Left are taking David literally when they should be taking him seriously.

By attempting to conflate and equate David’s comments as a literal terror threat to blowing up the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’, the identity politics virtue signalling Left are only succeeding in giving him ammunition!

The Outrage Olympic virtue signalling doesn’t work because of course David Seymour wasn’t literally talking about blowing up anything and focusing on that only gives him unimagined publicity when the truth is that what he actually intends to do is far, far, far worse!

He isn’t just looking at dumping the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ (who didn’t help themselves with their ill judged $40 000 piss up), he is intending to dump the Ministry for Youth Affairs, Ministry of Womens Affairs, the Ministry for Māori Affairs, the Ministry for Ethnic Affairs and the Human Rights Commission, while stripping out all the environmental legislation passed over the last 6 years, including any worker rights and renter rights on top of a referendum where he will redefine the Treaty and then just force it upon Māori!

THAT is what he is planning to do, yet the identity politics virtue signalling Left are getting their non binary knickers in a twist by pretending he is going to blow up a building.

ACT intend to amputate the State and implement a referendum that will start race conflict we haven’t seen since colonial times, THAT should be what we are concerned about, not twisting his stupid joke into a literal terrorist threat.

Because the identity politics virtue signalling Left  live in echo chambers determined by cancel culture and strangling free speech, they’ve lost the art of debate and persuasion and it keeps showing every time they try to take on ACT.

Take ACT seriously, not literally. That’s how you beat their far right madness. All the identity politics virtue signalling Left are doing right now is give ACT another 2 points.

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