For me the blogging and advocacy journey started when I saw disgraceful policing, the supreme court asleep and a government department that resembled a kindergarten named corrections. 

As an advocate I have serious concerns for Aotearoa as a nation when I read articles written by retiring judges who are saying Aotearoa resembles a mini-America and how we as citizens simply shrug our shoulders as if we don’t care and to be honest most of us don’t until it affects us. 

Crime, violence, drug abuse, questionable policing, courts getting it terribly wrong, have become so commonplace in our daily lives that it is as normal as going down the road to buy a burger, begging the question do we as citizens care what happens in our community? 

Politicians have been campaigning since 1840 that they will fix the problems we are seeing in society but let’s be honest society is becoming worse by the year, more unsafe, shocking policing, our highest courts failing all of us at every turn, but still we vote for our favorite color, red, green or blue without considering what their policies mean for us, even when the bumble bee colors appear we just carry on ticking the same old boxes. 

Why is this? Why are we all becoming desensitized to what is going on around us, things that matter, not only rising crime, everyday living but everything and we as a country seemingly just shrug our shoulders as if it’s out of our control. 

Social Justice Aotearoa was created to ask the real questions, hold the system to account and stand up for what is wrong and for us that means pressuring the politicians to get it right, questioning legislation that isn’t right, calling out stupid policies being campaigned on and asking the hard questions that have needed asking for a long time but most importantly creating a fairer, open more transparent Aotearoa that works for us all.   

In coming weeks, I will be breaking down each political parties’ policies that we see as affecting Aotearoa and seeking all your opinions. 


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Jackie Foster, CEO, Social Justice Aotearoa

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