The sheer scale of crazy right wing bullshit about to be force fed to the country if National and ACT get elected is starting to take shape and sweet Jesus we are several shades of fucked if the Right win in October.

It is clear National have no actual economic policy beyond lifting restrictions for foreign buyers of domestic property and allowing a tsunami of foreign investment to rush in and lift house prices beyond any possible reach for Kiwis.

The middle classes with property portfolios all want that and the real easter pimp industry wants it and the foreign speculators want it and seeing as National’s  ‘All-our-cows-in-one-Beijing-paddock’ has failed, it’s sell everything not nailed down and write the rest off to Public-Private Partnerships.

National is little more than a front for Chinese Business interests and plenty of Chinese Business interests want access to the NZ property market while the domestic real estate pimps and speculators are donating millions to National.

In terms of a reasonable response to climate change, National have nothing…

Election 2023: National’s concerning lack of climate policies

The party has announced roughly 30 policies thus far, with Luxon making up in 2023 for a rather policy-light first full year in 2022. So far, however, there is precious little in the way of emissions reductions policy.

The Herald put that allegation that the party was light on climate to the party’s Climate Change spokesman Simon Watts, who said it was a bit “biased” to call National out for a lack of climate policy. He said National was the only party to release an agricultural emissions policy, for example.

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There are several shades of wrong with this.

National does have an agricultural emissions policy, but it’s only to to delay the start date at which agriculture will pay an emissions price to 2030, from Labour and the Greens’ date of 2025.

It’s a sort of un-policy – a policy to undo a policy. It won’t reduce emissions.

…Under National emissions will explode while public transport is amputated for never ending roading sprawl with no public transport options included whatsoever.

We are going to have this insane situation where catastrophic climate change is hitting us at the same time as a National/ACT Government are making things environmentally worse!

On a burning planet however NZ will look safer so expect many of the globally panicked middle classes fleeing here.

National have no economic plan other than allowing their millionaire mates from overseas buy domestic property here.

That’s it.

At some point you are all going to have to acknowledge this.



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