2023 NZ MMP Parliament


Over it’s 30 year history, MMP has diluted the ideological zeal of the Left and Right by always generating a middle centrist power block.

This election is utterly different to any before it.

This time it is the pent up ideological frustrations from the Right and the Left that will dictate to the centre.

This time it will be Labour held hostage to the Greens and Māori Party OR it will be National held hostage by ACT.

It will result in the most Left Wing Government since Savage or the most Right Wing Government since Lange!

That is ironically what is at stake this election, either the most Right Wing or Left Wing version of Labour.


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ACT/National Government 

The quick yellow Fox will jump all over the lazy blue hog.

David Seymour is 1000% smarter than Boofhead Luxon.

Luxon is a prosperity Christian who believes  that he owns 7 properties and holidays in Hawaii is proof positive that Jesus loves him.

Becoming Prime Minister would be Gods will and if all that stands between Christopher Tiberius Luxon and the will of God is giving David whatever crazy far right race baiting bullshit policy he wants, then Christopher Tiberius Luxon will do it.

Nicola Willis better start planning her coup now because Chris is going to trade her Finance Minister role to David quicker than you can say, ‘Have you heard the good news?”.

So every crazy far right nutty bullshit that David is throwing around as policy will get done in the first 100 days provoking a protest Hikoi that will get increasingly aggressive as it gets closer to Wellington.

Let’s not forget, David seriously wants to hold a referendum on the Treaty, and then based on that referendum re-write the Treaty (minus any Māori negotiation) and simply enforce it upon NZ, thus sparking a race war.

He wants to amputate 6 Ministry’s and the Human Rights Commission for fucks sakes, and he means it.

Don’t think it’s bluster or shits and giggles, he is going to fucking do that plus cut billions from welfare.

Add to this National’s right to evict anti-renter law and failed military boot camps and putting ankle bracelets on children and militarisation of the police – add all that up and I don’t think most people voting ACT or National have any idea what the fuck their policies are.

Many people hurt by what we went through with Covid and many blame Labour, which is completely legit, but it is very important that if you are voting against Labour, you need to understand what you are voting for.

An ACT/National Government would be so far right, people wouldn’t know what the fuck hit us.


Labour/Greens minority Government with supply and confidence from Māori Party 

The Māori Party will not go into Government, it will be a minority Labour led Government with a supply and confidence arrangement with the Māori Party.

The Greens are fucking hopeless and don’t know what they want or how they can get it. That Party will continue to flounder until Chloe and Efeso become leaders.

The Greens will be told what they are getting post negotiations and because they are such feckless clowns they should count themselves lucky to be included!

What the Left always forget about Mickey Savage is that he had to be forced by his Caucus to pass the great reforms, equally the Māori Party and Labour left factions will be able to pressure a cautious Chippy into the big things that need to be done.

What is most important is that the Greens and Māori Party meet now to work on a shared platform policy that must be passed in the first 100 days of the new Government.

Once that policy platform is voted through, the Māori Party will sit in the cross benches and vote on policy as it comes out.


Fractured MMP Spectrum Result

But what if it’s not just Labour/Green/Māori Party vs National/ACT?

What if NZ First also cross 5% or are given an Epsom cup of tea in Northland?

What if Labour offer Raf an Epsom cup of tea in Ilam as a counter?

What if the Māori Party get more electorate seats than Party vote and generate an over hang?

Either way, with just Labour/Green/Māori Party and National/ACT or Labour/Green/Māori Party and National/ACT plus TOP, NZF and Māori Party overhang – whoever makes the majority will do it with just 1 or 2 seat majority.

Whoever loses might not accept the result, it will take enormous leadership to deescalate right after the election who ever wins.

This is going to be a Politics with far more drama and jostling than what we are already becoming accustomed to.


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