Chris Hipkins heckled by protesters at Auckland market walkabout

Labour leader Chris Hipkins was heckled by protesters during a campaign trail walkabout in South Auckland this morning.

Hipkins was greeted with chants of “no more Labour pains” as he visited Otara Market.

Many market-goers wore red and held up signs for the Labour Party, cheering as Hipkins arrived, but others were holding up signs for Vision NZ — led by Hannah Tamaki — and Freedoms NZ, co-led by controversial Destiny Church pastor Brian Tamaki.

Vision NZ is a component party of Freedoms NZ, which was registered in February this year.

These feral antivaxx Christian lunatics are using loud and intimidatory protest action to harang political opponents because that’s all they have, spite and resentment.

Rather than enter the market place of ideas and make their pitch to voters, these feral antivaxx Christian lunatics are simply following around the Prime Minister and screaming their demented conspiracy world view at him.

These are flat earthers protesting a geography conference.

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However New Zealand is a liberal progressive democracy and every citizen has the right to legally protest how they wish and if all the feral antivaxx Christian lunatics have this election is unhinged anger and conspiracy theories, so be it, just remember to shout back and point out how unhinged these feral antivaxx Christian lunatics are.

They deserve our contempt.


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