“Police corruption, Crown prosecution being aware of it and a person losing nineteen years of freedom, is a disgrace and needs the highest level of investigation including accountability” Jackie Foster

CEO of advocacy group, Social Justice Aotearoa, has today said the Allan Hall shambles needs a Royal commission of Enquiry and everyone involved in the criminal activity that led to Mr Hall’s arrest to be held to account.

“Teina Pora, we all know what happened there, but nothing has changed, and change is what is needed in our policing and justice system” Foster said.

Jackie went on to say” I do not think an investigation from the Independent Police Conduct Authority is acceptable as this matter needs absolute independency, and the only way we will get that is to engage a KC or equivalent from another country. It’s been done before so let’s do it again”.

If we as a country want to stop these sorts of problems, we need to move away from the ‘old boys club” mindset and seek real answers: ENDS:

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