Labour – 29

National – 37

ACT – 13

Greens – 12

NZF – 4

MP – 3

Don’t know – 12

The reality of a far right Government is now upon us and the far right agenda of ACT and National will burn this country to the bone.

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The problem for National is that they are still not gaining double digit leads the way John Key needed to.

Māori Party vote is holding up, NZ First is still lacking in mojo, the Greens have found the secret to winning is be slightly less gutless than Labour.

ACT is holding but not winning,

Everything is still up for play.

Labour have to actually step up or they will fail NZ.

The campaign begins next month.

We have a unique Napier electorate Poll coming out tomorrow 7pm on the Taxpayers’ Union Election Debate.


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