Jesus wept! This goes from bad to criminally negligent!

‘The system is f…..’: Immigration staff say bosses knew visa system didn’t work, and ignored it

Immigration New Zealand staff have been warning their managers for a year that the under-fire Accredited Employer Work Visa(AEWV) system has major flaws and is a recipe for migrant exploitation – but were ignored.

Concerned INZ staff say employers are being allowed to bring in migrants without any paperwork or financial checks, even when immigration officers fear jobs may be fake, paid for with illegal premiums, or the migrants will be exploited.

Instead, they say, they’ve been told to focus on faster processing times.

This is just so outrageous and the timeline gets worse and worse for Labour!

Barely a week ago, Andrew Little was on Q+A getting grilled by Jack Tame on the Worker Visa accreditation scheme that effectively trusts the 27 000 accredited to not exploit the 77 000 migrant workers.

Jack challenges the process and argues the system is only funded to review 15% of applications yet to date had barely reviewed 3% and of the 27 000 accredited, the Government had dumped only 2.

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The Minister struggled to look credible as he sat with a straight face and declared the current 3% was working fine.

24 hours later Newshub is breaking a story about 50 migrant workers living in a South Auckland slum exploited by the Worker Visa accreditation scheme .

The Minister stood by his previous statements.

Then Newshub break that the number of migrant workers being exploited is now 100.

The Minister, while standing by his previous statements that barely 3% of the 27 000 accredited employers means the system is working, he does now agree that an investigation is necessary.

Then Newshub finally arrive at a total of 115 migrant workers exploited and scammed into using this accreditation scheme minus any jobs.

Andrew Little turns on the Ministry and demands to know why the system is falling to pieces.

Under pressure from the Bosses, Labour threw open the immigration floodgates with zero checks and balances and simply trusted bosses not to exploit the workers they were bringing in.

We are now told that the breast checks and balances promised weren’t even adhered to and they just rubber stamped the exploitation!

This is why we need regulation and policing of the current rules yet we won’t tax the rich to properly fund the State’s policing of Capitalism!

Thanks to 30 years of a de-unionized work force, our depressed low wage economy requires exploiting migrant labour and NZ wants to get back to business.

The simple solution of course would be universal union membership for all migrant workers.

This is not a functioning migrant work scheme, it is criminal negligence at best and collusion at worst!


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