Cabinet minister Kiri Allan: ‘Something wrong’ with RNZ and ‘unable to keep Māori talent’

Cabinet minister Kiri Allan alleged there “is something wrong” at the state broadcaster, which she claims has been unable to keep Māori media talent.

Today, Radio NZ released a partial transcript of the Justice Minister’s speech which she made during her fiancee Māni Dunlop’s farewell from the organisation in March.

“There is something within this organisation that has to be looked at,” Allan said.

“Now I know that you said that you would pick up that, the wero, that Māni left. It is not for just you, it is for your SLT [senior leadership team] to pick up. It’s for your SLT to pick up. It’s for your boards to pick up.”




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Bout that.

So I think it was weird the way Māni spat the dummy and quit RNZ because she was passed over for promotion to Morning Report.

The insinuation for her being passed over was because of Cracker and the white heteronormative white cis male patriarchy which is hilarious because we are talking about RNZ, the wokest woke fest in woke world.

They are so woke they orgasm in te reo.

It had NOTHING to do with her being engaged to a Cabinet Minister.

Well. Actually. Of course it was because she is engaged to a bloody Cabinet Minister!

Come on, could you imagine the uproar if the State Broadcasters most important political show, Morning Report, was co-hosted by someone engaged to a Cabinet Minister?

Folks. Come on.

So I thought it was weird to walk out on the show she had to make a point about how supposedly racist RNZ are.

Ok. Fine.

But then her Minister Fiancee launches into a scathing attack on RNZ at the leaving Party?

What is this, Today FM but worse?.

Look, I love Kiri Alumna and I am an enormous fan of hers, to be honest, I just think she was standing up for her Misses and wasn’t a serious attempt by a Minister to interfere with RNZ.

If the Labour Party have finished shooting themselves in the fucking foot, can we please get back to the issue at hand of putting together a new economic frame work to resist the looming recession and winning this election?

This isn’t Bread and Butter Politics! It’s Dumb and Dumber Politics!


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