Lot of talk of Labour Party death spirals and forgone conclusions right now from Left wing commentators who are far smarter than I.

Labour are failing because after 6 years in power (3 of them with an unprecedented MMP majority) they haven’t been transformational, and they haven’t been transformational  because of political hesitancy and refusal to have a plan on how to ram through transformative change past the Professional Managerial Class Corporate Consultants and the Self-serving Public Service Mandarins.

Of course there was a once in a century pandemic where we lost over 3000 lives, but compared to similar sized countries, we had a third of that casualty rate so Labour should be saluted for putting lives first.

But the post Covid build back needed something more than just the usual under regulated crony capitalism rigged casino it once was.

Many across Society sacrificed for Covid, but that sacrifice was unequally shared because society is unequal.

Labour’s rush to get back to normal misunderstood that normal was over.

We need a State with far more capacity and the wealthy who make obscene profits must be taxed in new way to ensure the public infrastructure and this new capacity can be funded.

Labour refused to ask that question because they were frightened of the answer.

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Refusing the Wealth Tax was the real blunder and it has ensure the Greens will do better than their last election results as Labour Left walk over to the Greens in disgust.

No one rewards political cowardice and Labour are seeing that right now!

All the Greens have to do is be slightly less spineless than Labour and they’ll get 10%.

I’m not saying it hasn’t been worthwhile, working people have seen $80 a week better off with all the extra funds labour have incrementally pushed for, and the Minimum wage has been driven up, and we got Fair Pay Agreements, and we have seen coal imports decrease and we have seen some progress on emissions and we have had incremental benefits here and there, but this is not the time for incrementalism, it is the time for solutions.

Right now in NZ we have 25 000 people on the social housing wait list, we spend $1million per day Kettling beneficiaries into unsafe motels, barely 50% of our students were regularly attending class in term 1, Home ownership is at its lowest rate in 70 years, there are 200 000 children in poverty, 55% of Kiwis are struggling financially, we are facing the worst food inflation for 30 years,  there’s 100 000 homeless and the planet is melting before our eyes!

The problems we face demand answers better than taking GST off a banana!

The last week suddenly showed ACT a lot weaker than we had seen them. The flakey extremism on display by ACTs candidate selection is also a reminder that ACT is attracting this kind of ugliness.

On top of that NZ First has a candidate who thinks there are nano robots inn the vaccine.

The Napier Poll showed 23% are undecided.

I believe New Zealanders are more rational and are better people than ACT and National strategists do.

When the books get opened next month and the exposure to China’s dramatic slow down are made public, the stock market will sink and people’s Kiwi Savers will get hit alongside higher interest rates. A sense of economic crisis will be upon us and Labour will say, “We guided you through the last crisis and looked after everyone, do you honestly think Luxon and David Seymour will look after you or their rich mates?”


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