You know the only winners in National’s road, road, roads policy?

The oil companies.

By moving away from petrol charges to miles driven, National hand the petrol companies a huge win and when you consider the early signals of the vast crony capitalism National are about to embark upon…

…we face an orgy of privatisation and crony capitalism!

Dr Bryce Edwards devastating critique into who is donating to National and the disgusting level of self interest is remarkable and shocking!

Alongside this orgy, National are lining up Public Private Partnership scams, removing foreign buyer bans and opening the I’m migration floodgates.

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National’s only economic plan is to open the country to foreign buyers, slash the State and privatise the rest.

The rich, the 1% and the Billionaire class have donated $12million in donations to ACT and National since 2021.

They aren’t doing that for you and me!

The Crony Capitalism National will unleash will make Labour’s sins look childish in comparison.

National will hack at the State to carve out deals for their mates while ACT will hack at the State for ideological purity.

Things are only about to get worse.

All eyes will be on the Government opening the books next month before the election to gain insight into how bad the Chinese slowdown actually is.

Since the terrible way the Chinese Government simply opened the entire country to Covid, the level of death and damage that caused has been hidden from view.

The property market which has been teetering on black hole level implosions plus the down turn in oil use plus the inability for the middle classes to pick up the slack plus the decision to hide youth unemployment plus the enormous damage climate change has caused recently have all combined to generate a Chinese recession.

Our books will be the kiwi in the minefield in terms of understanding what is going on in China and when the extent of our exposure is clear, the tiny crumbs from Labour’s plate in terms of just removing GST from fruit and vegetables will look like mana from heaven as the economy tanks hard.

We are already starting to see this in the collapse of Dairy prices.

Once the books are open, it could take on a life of its own with the stock market taking hits alongside KiwiSaver depletions alongside the interest rates spiking.

Right now in NZ we have 25 000 people on the social housing wait list, we spend $1million per day Kettling beneficiaries into unsafe motels, barely 50% of our students were regularly attending class in term 1, Home ownership is at its lowest rate in 70 years, there are 200 000 children in poverty, 55% of Kiwis are struggling financially, we are facing the worst food inflation for 30 years,  there’s 100 000 homeless and the planet is melting before our eyes!

The problems we face demand answers better than taking GST off a banana!

Over the last week ACT suddenly became a lot weaker than we had seen them. The flakey extremism on display by ACTs candidate selection is also a reminder that ACT is attracting this kind of ugliness.

On top of that NZ First has a candidate who thinks there are nano robots in the vaccine, Chippy ruled Winston out for their culture war pandering and marked a line in the sand to extremism.

The Napier Poll showed 23% are undecided.

I believe New Zealanders are more rational and are better people than ACT and National strategists do.

When the books get opened next month and the exposure to China’s dramatic slow down are made public, the stock market will sink and people’s Kiwi Savers will get hit alongside higher interest rates.

A sense of economic crisis will be upon us and Labour will say, “We guided you through the last crisis and looked after everyone, do you honestly think Luxon and David Seymour will look after you or their rich mates?”

It ain’t over until the fat blogger sings!


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