When youth offenders climbed onto the roof of an Oranga Tamariki detention centre and were coaxed down with KFC, the New Zealand ZB Lynch mob went into a feeding frenzy.

‘How dare we use KFC to coax these kids down’ screamed the New Zealand ZB Lynch mob who seemed to feel that snipes should have been used to bring the children down.

Turned out that the kids had escaped onto the rood because hilariously the staff were arranging Lord of the Flies fight clubs that they were then filming.

These staff get 2 weeks training…

Two men charged with organising fights between children inside Oranga Tamariki

Two Oranga Tamariki staff members have appeared in court, charged with organising fights at a secure youth facility.

The men, aged in their 20s, appeared before a registrar at the Manukau District Court on Wednesday, charged with ill-treating a child.

Court documents allege the men were involved in “facilitating fights” between boys.

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Both men were remanded on bail with interim name suppression.

…mungo no understand?

Where’s the outrage New Zealand ZB Lynch mob? Where’s the rage that these kids were being forced to fight club each other and that it was this violence that drove them to the roof in protest?

The New Zealand ZB Lynch mob were so aroused by screaming at the use of KFC to coax frightened kids protesting at the violence staff were meting out on them, that no one cared why the kids were up there in the first place.

As a people, we have become a screaming skull of bitter rage that only wants to lash out without even understanding the context.

This is what we is now, this is the people we have become.


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