3283 – NZ (population 5m)

24755 – Sweden (10m)

9162 – Ireland (5m)

191211 – Italy (59m)

Those are the numbers.

That’s how many died from Covid and the population of each nation, compared to Ireland we are talking about 6000 lives difference.

That’s the price we sacrificed to protect as many people as we could, to leave no one behind.

It was expensive and forced a level of borrowing that was unprecedented. Of course there were mistakes made, it was a once in a century pandemic and we were flying blind during it!

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There were sacrifices made that generated unequal consequences in an unequal society.

Labour’s mistake was believing society could just go back to how things were when things were so unequal, we needed the transformative change Jacinda promised but couldn’t deliver.

But the decisions made were courageous and righteous and saved 6000 NZers lives.

That’s a price that was worth paying then, and it is a price that any honourable leader would implement again if faced with the same situation!

Too often we ignore what was saved to rage against what went wrong.

Labour need to rouse that universal shared experience that was Covid and remind us all what we saved with those decisions and that the duty now is to see those challenges through.

New Zealanders leaned into Labour in crisis, because they see in Labour someone who wants to help them, where as in National and ACT they see someone who will kick them when they are down.

Chippy is likeable, Luxon wants you to like him.

When the books get opened next month the World will be able to see how significant the China economic slow down is and NZs exposure to that decline.

There is every possibility those numbers spark the sense of an economic crisis with the stock market tanking and voter’s Kiwisavers getting smashed.

Voters will ask themselves in that sense of crisis, ‘who will look after me, Labour or National/ACT’.

Chippy and Grant or David and Chris Luxon.

Who will look after you when you fall over?

Chippy and Grant will help you up on your feet and dust you off while Chris would lecture you about not falling over as David kicks you for being weak.

These are the choices in front of us this election.


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