You can see why National have waited as long as they have to release their Tax policy, they want as little scrutiny of what is effectively a Rich Landlord Subsidy paid for by working parents, mutilating public transport and raiding climate funds.

National want voters focused on the headline of $250 a fortnight when the reality is the vast majority will see only $25 per week.

Rich Landlords will get the $250 and the entire thing is premised on National removing the foreign buyers ban which will cause house prices to drive upwards which is exactly what their Real Estate pimp mates who are donating in the millions want!

As National was out selling this rort, Nicola Willis choked under the high ball. When she was pushed in the morning breakfast shows she didn’t shut down taxing Churches and it led for most of the morning until National had to step up and specifically kill the speculation but in doing so reminded voters how beholden to Religious interests National are.

Which would be unfair because National are beholden not only to religious interests, but also to Corporate Dairy, Chinese Business interests and property speculators.

It was poor handling of a scam, but luckily the shallow media coverage will allow them off the hook…

…if by ‘good’ you mean robbing poor people to pay for rich people.

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